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Inglewood District Health Trust Supervision
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Student Login and Placements
Certificate of Addiction and Mental Health Supervision. NZQA Level Six.
NZQA Audit
AUT Gambling Papers: Gambling Studies and Presenting Populations.
NZQA Audit
Counties Manukau DHB, AOD Tertiary Student Placements
NZQA Audit
Professional & Clinical Supervision for individuals and groups.
Contracted Supervision for local and national organisations through our national network of Professional & Clinical Supervisors.
Professional and Clinical Supervision
Individual Counselling
Addictions (including affected family and others); Alcohol, Drug use, Problem gambling, Smoking cessation, Internet and video games, Internet pornography, Shopping addiction.
Couples & relationship issues
Anger & Violence Issues
Assertiveness & Self-esteem Issues
Psychological Interventions & CBT
by a registered psychologist.
Individual Counselling
Applied Research
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NZQA Audit

NZQA Level Six
Certificate of Addiction & Mental Health Supervision

Auckland – Starts 23 September 2016

Certificate of Addiction and Mental Health Supervision

Motivational Interviewing Training

Introduction: Thursday 03 November 2016
Intermediate: Friday 04 November 2016

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training

Introduction to CBT – 2017 dates tba
Intermediate CBT – 2017 dates tba

ABACUS Self Help Tests
Computer Gaming Test
This test will assist you to understand if playing computer games, online internet gaming, or other electronic games on smart phones or tablets is starting to cause you problems and even harm. This test will apply whether or not you are playing the game on your own, or playing against other players, or playing with others in a team...take the test
Internet Sexual Behaviour Evaluation Test (ISBET)
If you answer yes to two or more ISBET questions you may be developing problems around your use of Internet pornography...take the test
Concerned Others Gambling Screen (COGS) Mk 2 (online version)
Sometimes someone else’s gambling can affect the health and well-being of others who may be concerned. The gambling behaviour is often hidden and unexpected, while its effects can be confusing, stressful and long-lasting. To help us identify if this is affecting your own well-being could you answer the questions below to the best of your ability...take the test
Eight Gambling Screen, Logo and LinkEight Gambling Screen – Early Intervention Gambling Health Test
Most people in New Zealand enjoy gambling, whether it’s Lotto, Track racing, the Pokies or at the casino. Sometimes however it can affect our health...take the test
ABACUS Latest Articles
Te Whare o Tiki
Co-existing problems knowledge and skills framework. This framework has been adapted by Dr Fraser Todd and the joint mental health and addiction workforce development centres based on the work of Dr Tom Flewett and the Co-existing Disorders Team of Capital and Coast DHB, Community Alcohol and Drug Service.
Trauma Counselling and Supervision
Responses to Trauma: In the event of any natural disaster or in fact, any happening outside the scope of our normal experience and coping abilities, it is natural to feel stressed, anxious and on edge, and have difficulty focusing and managing usual, everyday activities. In stressful times, especially when we don’t know what is going to happen next, and we also feel concerned for others in our care, our usual coping mechanisms become stretched.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): a therapy for all seasons
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is perhaps the most researched therapeutic approach over the last half Century...
Anxiety and Coexisting Addiction: a Common Alliance
Anxiety is a very common emotion. It can arise when we suddenly remember something we should have done but forgotten to do, and it’s due now! It can also occur as part of a very primitive survival process...
Alcohol Use Problems
An overview: Alcohol is of course a legal but controlled drug, similar to the situation with tobacco. Ironically, the misuse of this legal drug (as does the use of tobacco) has costs for individuals and society that far outreach the cost of illegal drugs. The World Health Organisation identifies alcohol (through intoxication, its toxicity, and alcohol dependence), as the third highest risk factor for disease throughout the world. In New Zealand, alcohol harm costs are estimated at between $1-4 billion each year.
Methamphetamine and Other Illegal Drugs: an Overview
Prevalence of use in New Zealand: Although most damage from drug use comes from the legal drugs alcohol and tobacco, it is often illegal drugs that capture the concern and fear of communities. Illegal drugs include methamphetamine in its pure form (“P” if New Zealand made; ‘ice’ or ‘crystal meth’ if imported), heroin and ‘homebake’ (New Zealand made opiate), GHB (“Fantasy”; induces memory loss), cocaine, and lesser strength amphetamine-like drugs such as MDMA (“Ecstasy”, which also is a hallucinogen), non-prescribed Ritalin and some party drugs (BZP) which were made illegal in April, 2008.
Tobacco Smoking Fact sheet
Although tobacco smoking is decreasing in New Zealand, 18% of adults smoke...
ABACUS Resources
Ministry of Health – Problem Gambling Training Modules for Treatment Intervention
ABACUS Counselling, Training & Supervision Ltd – Course Information for Learners
You are encouraged to read the following information to become acquainted with important details associated with taking an ABACUS training course.
Co-existing problem (CEP) service checklist
The CEP service checklist is a brief tool for mental health and addiction (AOD/problem gambling) services to use for self-assessment, reflection and planning to develop service level CEP responsiveness and capability...
On Campus and Distance Learning Options available for Problem Gambling Practitioners
The objective of this document is to inform problem gambling intervention (treatment) service providers of the current tertiary learning opportunities (on-site and distance learning) in New Zealand for both general addiction qualifications and problem gambling qualifications. In addition, distance learning opportunities for overseas institutions, offering problem gambling courses, are also detailed.
Problem Gambling Research Findings
Feedback to Ministry of Health. Emerging Trends in National & International Literature.
Eight Screen Validation, Final Report, Cover and LinkEight Screen Validation – Final Report (Download)
The Eight Gambling Screen is brief (eight questions), simple to use and interpret, and has been found to be valid and effective in a wide range of situations, including clinical, social, and health promotion settings (early identification of gambling problems).