Presentation by: Sean Sullivan & Robert Steenhuisen
August 2006
CADS/ABACUS Problem Gambling Screening Project
This project aimed to identify the prevalence of problem gambling amongst AOD clients in four CADS units in Auckland and to compare the psychometric qualities of the Eight-Gambling screen with the SOGS screen. A total of 700 clients a CADS unit were screened during an agreed period in 2006 and 2006. It was found that the short Eight-Gambling screen had similar psychometric characteristics as the longer SOGS screen. Problem gambling prevalence rates differed between CADS units and between sub groups. The average level of problem gambling was a one in eight clients, of whom two thirds scored six or more out a possible of eight. The project identified Maori and Pacific at greater risk of problem gambling. While the study highlighted the significant prevalence of problem gamblers amongst clients in CADS units, routine interventions for problem gambling are not incorporated in clinical practice. The authors make recommendations for the inclusion of problem gambling interventions in alcohol and drug clinical settings.