Presentation by: Alison Penfold
Conference: Cutting Edge Conference 2005
Date: September 2005
Title: Is a wider intervention approach the way forward for Problem Gambling Service Providers?
In 2003 at the Problem Gambling Symposium, some ninety practitioners from the field of problem gambling treatment were surveyed as to their perception of the importance of various treatment components. In addition, information was provided on a practitioner and client survey that incorporated a review of therapy delivered/received for those with gambling problems, and additional help that clients would prefer in future treatment delivery. These views were elicited from the then substantial majority of the problem gambling practitioner workforce, providing an important baseline discussion for clinical intervention.

As a part of a workforce analysis project, contracted by the Ministry of Health, Abacus has met with all current clinical problem gambling treatment providers to consider whether the findings of 20 months ago remained current. Information has been sought on whether services considered that a much wider intervention approach remained appropriate, that incorporated aspects such as budgeting, stress management and liaising with organisations such as Work and Income. Information on all other forms of treatment and support that is offered to those with gambling problems and their family/whanau was also gathered. Consideration was given to the cultural appropriateness of a wider intervention approach, and what ongoing training needs and resource implications there would be if services were adopting this model.

The results of this project will be reported on, along with addressing what the interface with alcohol and other drug workforce development may be. The implications of how this may guide future planning around workforce development will also be considered.