Presentation by: Mike Goulding
Conference: Cutting Edge Conference 2005
Date: September 2005
Title: AOD and Gambling: Looking forward to putting early intervention resources where they belong
In the Alcohol and Other Drug field and more recently, the Problem gambling field, we can look back on significant developments and treatment initiatives, but the area of early and brief intervention/secondary prevention remained an ideal goal but not an easy reality.

This year, the Ministry of Health has initiated the “Secondary Prevention Resource and Training Project”, which involved the development of training manuals and resources for primary care workers to enable them to identify alcohol and other drug and gambling issues with their clients and then undertake a brief intervention with them. This has involved the choosing of 4 pilot sites where training in screening and brief intervention (including Motivational Interviewing) was provided and resource manuals were offered. The pilots included an Auckland budgeting service, an Iwi network provider in Whangarei, a justice service in Rotorua, and a Work and Income service in Christchurch. Participant feedback was sought through pre and post training evaluation forms. Three months after the training, the pilot sites were surveyed to assess retention of information and integration into practice. Comment on the accuracy and potential utility of the resources was sought from significant individuals and organisations in the field, including ALAC, DAPAANZ, NAC and TADS, and significant comments and corrections were incorporated.

Findings from implementing the pilots, together with information about the resources and training package, and also the intentions and implications for the future from the implementation of this initiative will be discussed.